2nd May 2024

Self-Guided Retreats at Broughton Sanctuary

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Self-guided retreats at Broughton Sanctuary and Avalon Wellbeing Centre offer a haven for individuals, couples and groups seeking to reconnect with nature and themselves.

In our modern lives it is easy to feel disconnected, both from ourselves and from the world around us. Finding an ‘art of being’ is essential for our overall health and wellbeing, and to live a full life fueled by passion and purpose.

Self-guided retreats at Broughton Sanctuary and Avalon Wellbeing Centre offer a haven for individuals, couples and groups seeking to reconnect with nature and themselves. Broughton beckons you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, connection and restoration, offering insight into the reciprocal relationship between our inner and outer nature. We believe that nurturing our outer environment positively impacts our inner environment, just as tending to our inner selves enriches the world around us.

Picture this: Start your day with silent contemplation or prayer in our private 16th Century Chapel, move your body by walking or cycling through the 3,000-acre rewilding landscape and enjoy delicious dining from a plant-based menu at Utopia, our onsite bistro. In the afternoon maybe you will enjoy our ‘wild wellbeing’ relaxing in our woodland saunas, challenging your mind through cold immersion in the ice-barrels, enjoying a spot of bird watching over the idyllic views to the Yorkshire Dales from our wild swimming reservoir and outdoor hot tubs. Finish your day with yoga or a sound bath, in community round our roaring fire at the Fire Temple or with an inspiring wellbeing talk.

Design your self-guided retreat to fit with your unique needs and move at your own pace – take what you need to return home feeling inspired and rejuvenated. You can go deep and explore it all, create a balanced wellbeing workcation, or simply enjoy a getaway that leaves you feeling good. Embody new habits and practices to weave into your life, become the best version of yourself so you can share it out in the world.

Embark on Your Broughton Sanctuary Journey: Three Themes of Self-Guided Retreats

A diverse and eclectic array of classes, special guest sessions, and seasonal events await, there is something to suit every taste and interest. You can truly personalise your experience, with private bookings across many of our facilities. Whether your interests lie in meditation, yoga, nature excursions, or other spiritual and holistic practices, our Wellbeing Activities present an abundance of avenues for exploration. For a purposeful and focused experience you can select activities aligned with our signature self-guided retreat themes.

‘Rewild Your Spirit’ – Connect with Nature

Nature brings us back to our true nature and restores our spirit. At Broughton, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural world through a variety of earth-based practices. From our guided nature tours showcasing one of England’s most important biodiversity projects, to wild wellbeing (quaint woodland saunas, hot tubs, wild swimming, and ice baths), to forest bathing in tree net hammocks, every experience is designed to deepen your connection to the earth and rewild your spirit.

‘Return to Source’ – Realign the Body, Mind, and Spirit

An opportunity for deep self-discovery through enquiry into the inner landscape. Explore ancient and evolutionary practices at the state-of-the-art Avalon Wellbeing Centre, where you can restore in meditation pods with binaural beats and colour therapy, find deep relaxation in our floatation tank, to crystal light beds, a variety of yoga classes (from somatic, flow, yin and kirtan), gong and crystal bowl sound baths, somatic ecstatic dance and more. Avalon is a space to explore the magic and mystery of your being.

‘Love As You Find’ – Embrace Yourself and Support Your Body

Self-care is a necessary investment so that you can become your best self and be of service as you show up in the world. At Broughton Sanctuary, you will find a supportive environment where you can empower yourself and nourish your body. Whether you are seeking to establish healthy practices, recover from physical challenges, or simply shift your energy… from movement-based practices such as yoga, pilates and somatic movement, to regular use of our PT studio and biophilic pool suite, to indulging in healthful nutrition at the onsite bistro, Utopia. Every aspect of your journey is designed to support your body and mind.

Design Your Self-Guided Retreat, Reshape Your Life

What sets Broughton Sanctuary apart is the flexibility and range of wellbeing services we offer. Our signature self-guided retreats give you the freedom to design your stay with us according to your unique needs. Whether you are craving introspection or simply seeking a relaxing getaway, you are in control of your experience. Embrace new habits and practices to weave into your daily life, and leave feeling inspired, with a sense of renewal, and ready to share your best self with the world.

Invest in yourself and those you love, embark on a transformative journey at Broughton Sanctuary today. Book your preferred Holiday Home and then speak with our concierge at Avalon Wellbeing Centre to design your self-guided retreat.